Processing/Turn Around

Customer Service Email :

*You can use this email for any issue needed to be fixed, for example, if you forget to add a name/number or anything, you can request it using this email.

Turn Around : 6-10 business days. Guaranteed 11-15 Business Days (2 weeks)

-Shipping Fee calculates the size of your order and the duration it ships once i ship it. We do receive a good amount of orders so we do the best we can. Normally your order will get to me in 5-7 business days, and we do ship same day. You should expect a tracking number around that time. Once receiving tracking number, add another 1-3 days depending where you are from. 

Due to your amazing support and loyalty. We have been receiving around 400-500 orders/jerseys to process everyday. We are a very small team that do this work for you guys, even though we will try to have your jerseys delivered in time like mentioned. Due to the high demands , we can experience some delays (1-3 more business days ). It is a lot of work for just couple people to handle. We try our best. So thank you for your patience and support. It really does mean a lot to us.

Partially Fulfilled Orders:

 Partial fulfillments can happen if you order more than 1 jersey. Reasons can differ ( Out of stock issue, Personalization, ETC) regardless of reason, you would receive separate shipments if a partial fulfillment occurs. Tracking number issued will notify which jerseys have been shipped.

    If a delay is caused for any reason, we would do our best to inform each and everyone of you. Make sure to stay tuned to our Instagram stories.

     Orders are processed everyday, but they are shipped to me every 2-3 days. So there will be a chance some wait couple more days than others for their orders.

Any other issues can be discussed via DM through our Instagram.